CIJ Personal Journey ONLINE

Not in the Miami Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood area? No problem! Take a Personal Journey with me online from anywhere in the world. 

Work with me exclusively, one-on-one, through a Personal Journey where I’ll lead you to clarity, peace of mind, and purposeful living using the proven methods of the Creative Insight Journey.

Our 8 week one on one sessions will take place weekly at a time and place that is convenient for you. This is perfect for the busy professional who can’t commit to the scheduled course dates or prefers a focused more personal experience.


The ONLINE CIJ Personal Journey Program includes:

  A 30-minute Personal Journey Get-To-Know-You Kick-Off Call: This is the first and most important step—we’ll chat about where you are and what you want so I can best guide you to where you want to be!

2hr-hour class each week: We’ll meet once a week via Skype or Google Hangout and we’ll spend 2 hours together as I personally lead you through the week’s class. Before our weekly meeting, I’ll send you the week’s class curriculum so you can follow along and take notes

Weekly Soulwork: After each class session, I’ll email you your Soulwork so you can practice the CIJ tools between sessions. Each packet of Soulwork is designed to deepen your learning AND acts as a reference for the rest of your life! You’ll always have these tools to go back to when you need a refresher.

Weekly Deep Dive Call: And one of my favorite parts of your weekly Soulwork is our Deep Dive Calls, which is another 30-minute call with me where we go in-depth about a particular lesson from our class that week. 

The total cost is $1,000 with two easy payments of $500.  Payment plans are available, please contact me directly.