Welcome to Hot Seat Coaching for all Believe  Alumni

The Believe program may have ended but…

That doesn’t mean your progress has to

A monthly membership offering you live weekly coaching calls to keep you succeeding in life, love and business.


Each week this coaching will allow you to:

Keep your intentions clear and manifesting.

Work through your limiting beliefs and moments of frustration.

Align and map out the next steps for your success.

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Never falling off track.

Always knowing the exact steps to take moving forward.

Getting a fresh perspective on situations that seem limiting, frustrating and make you feel stuck.

Getting emotional, spiritual, and mental support in every area of your life to grow and succeed.

Having weekly community, conversations and connection with like -minded women that you will learn from and be inspired by.

Be able to truly activate & apply the power of intentional manifestation to all areas of your life.

Having accountability on all new endeavors like weight loss, new creative ideas, financial goals, business goals, personal projects, and so much more.

Have me to coach & guide you through anything.

A safe non-judgmental space to vent, share, and receive guidance.

New tools to upgrade your mindset and manifestation practices.

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$100.00 off any future programs and trainings.

Access to any new trainings or bonuses created in the future for Believe. 

Discounted price of $99.00 for Theta Healing Sessions (original price $122.00) 

10% Discount to all future events locally or virtually 

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Weekly calls are on Wednesday evenings 7-9pm EST.

The weekly calls take place on zoom.

Each week all members will be emailed a reminder of our weekly call with a zoom link included to attend that week’s live call.

You can be coached on anything during the call. Just bring your topic for the week and we will work through it.

You can ask questions pertaining to mindset & manifestation that you maybe still trying to perfect or integrate.

You will each get undivided attention and hot seat coaching.

No pressure to attend every call, you show up as needed.

There is no excuse to go backwards when you have every resource to continue to fast track your success.


This is a low cost high value Monthly Membership.

The Fee is  $45.95 


Tiffany’s Private coaching is $200 an hour... this is a no brainer.



Feeling like you need a refresher.

Abandoning your meditation and manifestation practices that brought you so much clarity, happiness, and success.

Undoing all the work we have done. 

It’s time to recommit to the life you desire & deserve.

Keep shifting, aligning, up leveling.

Get the support & coaching that gets you there and keeps you there!

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