Creative Insight Journey

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Take CIJ LIVE.jpg

Creative Insight Journey


The Creative Insight Journey Course is taught LIVE at the House of Movement, a wellness mansion in the heart of Brickell where I teach as a resident transformational & personal growth coach.  

This is an 8 week course starting on Tuesday April 26th from 7:30pm-9:00pm. We meet every Tuesday until June 14th The total cost is $475.00 with two easy payments of $287.50. Payment plans are available, please contact me.

If you are interested in taking the course please email me directly and we will set up an interview over the phone to see where you are on your journey and gage your level of commitment to your personal growth.

The classes are intimate and never more than 20 students at a time, please sign up quickly as space fills up fast! I look forward to meeting you, and sharing our stories. 


Tiffany Nicole 


Tuesdays April 26th-June 14th 


Cost $475.00

The House of Movement 

1900 Brickell Ave Miami Fl 33129 

FACT: This experience will ignite SELF DISCOVERY

Question: Are you ready to BREAK THROUGH TO THE BEST YOU?

           I'm manifesting your email right now: (or go directly on the contact page and fill out the form) 

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