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By signing up to my Believe Program I am going to give you access to my Vision Board Extravaganza as a gift ... just because, well, clearly you are my kind of gal which means I would like to spend more time with you!

So ... let's do it! Wahoo!!

See you soon!!

All my Love and Soul,


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Believe Program with one-on-one access to Tiffany

Here is what you will get ...

✰   EXCLUSIVE 30 minute one-on-one coaching with Tiffany.

✰   8 Live Classes + on the spot coaching. All live classes are recorded & sent via email, accompanied by class slides.

✰   Lifetime access to the class recordings & trainings.

✰   Downloadable Workbook including all 8 Soulwork assignments to be applied between each Live Class.

✰   Lifetime access to our Private Facebook Group for community support & accountability.

✰   New Daily & Nightly Manifesting Rituals to speed up the process and reprogram your subconscious mind to support your success instead
of yourself sabotage while you sleep!

✰   New empowering beliefs to replace your limited thinking.

✰   PLUS! Exclusive Access to the Daily Journaling Prompts I personally use every day to manifest my desires.

Placeholder ImageBreaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs

  • Uncover & breakthrough your limiting beliefs sabotaging your success.
  • How to take action in spite of your excuses & fears.
  • The secret to rewiring your subconscious mind for lasting success.
  • My Powerful ‘Re-scripting Process’ That allows you to flip the script on negative beliefs so you can manifest your desires.
  • How to overcome the 6 most common limiting beliefs.
  • My Powerful Quantum Process that collapses time and steps you into the higher version of yourself.
Placeholder ImageActivating The Law of Attraction
  • How to become an energetic match for everything that you desire.
  • How to change your mood and energetic state in the moment to match the frequency of things you want to attract.
  • The #1 key to successfully using The Law Of Attraction to your advantage.
  • How reality is actually created.

Placeholder ImageIntentionally Manifesting Your Desires Into Reality

  • Learn My 5 Step Proven Manifestation Process that allows you to manifest any desire into your reality.
  • Morning and nightly rituals to speed up the manifestation process & rewire your subconscious mind for success while you sleep.
  • Removing harmful language that’s blocking your desired outcomes & how to intentionally speak your desires into existence.
  • How to get your thoughts, beliefs, energy, and actions into alignment with the things you want
  • Learn how to use your reticular activating system stored in the brain to create the reality you desire.

Placeholder ImageDetaching from the how & believing it now

  • Discover my 5 Sensory Visualization process that activates your desires in the present moment!
  • My powerful 3 step process to align with what it feels like to have already manifested your desires NOW!
  • My Troubleshooting Formula for discovering why you didn’t manifest what you wanted and how to get back on track.
  • What to do when doubt becomes a part of your visualization.
  • How to cultivate unshakable belief & trust that the universe is working in your favor.

Placeholder ImageTaking Aligned Action Towards Your Dreams

  • What to do when it seems like your manifestation isn't going according to plan & things aren’t working out in your favor. Example: Losing friends or a romantic partnership, getting fired, or having to move.
  • How to let go and release what’s no longer serving you, so what you are asking for can arrive in its place.
  • Mapping out what actions to take that align with actualizing your desires.
  • Using the Power of Gratitude to raise your vibration and expand on what you already have.

Placeholder ImageUnlock Financial Abundance

  • Get to the root of your money story and shift it into a story of abundance.
  • How to rewire your mind to live in an abundant state vs lack & scarcity.
  • Uncover your limiting beliefs about money so you can increase your earning potential.
  • How to align yourself to the frequency of money, wealth, and self-worth.

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