The most profoundly life-changing course taught at the Stanford graduate school.
— Jim Collins, one of the world's leading authorities on personal development
The CIJ has actually given me more tangible results than I thought it would. Up until about the 6th week of the class, I was living my life always waiting for the “next best thing.” When I was in high school I wanted to go to college; when in college, wanting to enter the professional world; after I got my first job,I wanted to move out of state and switch careers, and so forth. But, literally, after one of the journal assignments a flip was switched in my brain and I acknowledged that this pattern of not “” was the only thing holding me back from a happier day-to-day. Something that I’m not sure I would’ve been able to articulate were it not for CIJ and Tiffany!
— Kristen Zenner, Sr. Destination Guru, Koncept Events
Tiffany has an awesome and unique individual teaching style. This course was refreshingly light and yummy, yet deeply profound, meaningful nourishing and fortifying. It just got better and better with each class! It was a pleasure to be in her class.
— Sky Palmer, Fashion model
The Creative Insight Journey has reminded me what is truly important in life, and inspires motivation to achieve those things. Tiffany teaches the universal truths that lead to peace and contentment; and isn’t that really what we all seek?
— Celeste Gillis, Attorney
Tiffany was an amazing instructor. I did not only learn from the tools I was given in class, but also from her. She has an amazing attitude towards life, a thing I’ve always admired. I will recommend this class to everyone, not only for what it has done for me, but because her passion reflects on everything she showed us and it gives you the motivation to want to make a change for the better.
— Connie Gonzalez, Sales & Group Manager, South Beach Group Hotels
Tiffany is a amazing teacher . She is inspiring, knowledgable , and compassionate. The course was an amazing journey for me. Each session I looked forward to learning a new skill that would better my life . I was never disappointed and always inspired.
— Lauren Petrella, Realtor Luxe Florida Lifestyles
I really enjoyed every moment of this course and have been applying the tools to my life with rewards and joy. However, it was Tiffany that really made this course extra special and fulfilling. Her gentle, fun loving, joyful spirit added security and reality to the whole journey. She has done an excellent job over the past 8 weeks, I want to thank her for her sincerity, kindness, and expertise. I feel privileged to have met her and plan to have my daughter attend her workshop and course in the future.
— Nicola Brown, Homemaker
This year, I committed to make a change and bring purpose to my life, stop feeling stuck, and hit the go pedal towards my goals and innermost desires. To stop thinking about the future and worrying about a past that no longer serves me. After Tiffany’s 90 min Get Unstuck & Step into Purpose workshop and her way of teaching, I made the leap! Five weeks into the course I can honestly say that the tools I was given are changing my life. I have all the Deepak books, one day at a time literature, The Secret, you name it. It was a lot of knowledge but did very little for me. I had the tools, but not a support group and a person who could guide me like Tiffany Nicole has done. I can’t wait for the rest of my life with what I have learned from her.
— Camilla Mora, DJ & Raggaburn Dance Instructor
Tiffany’s class has been life changing. She has a very unique style of teaching, one that is engaging and inspiring. She is tough but compassionate, and really makes you question things you do in your current life. I find myself thinking about her words of wisdom all the time now... literally, I can hear her words whenever I’m about to go back to my old ways. There is also something about the way she explains things that you JUST get it. This class is for people who really want change in their lives and are willing to make time for the assignments, and exercises that come with it. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter will be.
— Linda Cuadros, Marketing Consultant
If you’re ready to battle the things holding you back you need to take Tiffany Nicole’s Creative Insight Journey class! With her tools and your own effort you can change the way you think into a healthier way that helps you be happier and see more clearly. In an atmosphere that is safe and supportive you begin to open up and let light into your life. You come out feeling renewed! Oh the possibilities!! Thank you Tiffany.
— Karen Monteiro, Produce Clerk, Publix Supermarket
I was not sure what to expect when I signed up to take the creative insight journey, but I knew I needed a better understanding of myself and tools to help me navigate my life. I definitely got both, there where Aha moments as well as many practical things that I learned to help me in my day to day life. Tiffany is great, knowledgeable and funny, and it makes the class and your personal journey that much easier to understand! Can’t wait for her next class!!
— Cristina Jordan – Accountant
Tiffany’s CIJ course entered my life at the perfect time. I was in a period of life where I felt ok with my job and relationships, but knew inside me I wanted to feel more than just “ok”. I wasn’t sure how to get to the next stage in my life and shift from mediocre to amazing, and I also didn’t have faith in my ability to keep momentum. Tiffany guides you directly to a peaceful place within your mind and helps push you directly to your life’s passions and purpose. I can now confidently say my life has shifted for the better and it’s here to stay.
— Kristina Slog, Occupational Therapist
Thank you Tiffany for following your heart and giving us the opportunity to take the Creative Insight Journey. This class really helped me push pass a lot of fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. I am truly transformed because I came into the class and gave it my very best. You are a great teacher because you really challenged us to take our lives to the next level. Because of this class, I have accomplished many things I dreamed of and I am just getting started!!! #LivingwithPurpose
— Milca Exantus, Teacher
When I made the choice to attend The Get Unstuck Workshop, I didn’t realize I was making a decision that would change my life. As a result, I was able to get a clear focus on my goals, and given the tools to attain them. Tiffany was AMAZING! Her genuine approach made the 8 week CIJ Course & plan of action steps realistic, she teaches you how to get curious, and to ask yourself the right questions to help you understand the process of clear thinking. I don’t recall when I was so excited for my future! I can’t recommend Tiffany enough
— Francela Catalina Veliz, Assistant Project Manager
I had somehow entered a negative mind space and I had no idea how to get out of it. I was literally stuck, I had let negative thoughts, people, and situations into my life and I needed a change. I saw a post about Tiffany’s CIJ course on Facebook, as soon as I read the first line “How to get Unstuck and make SHIFT happen” I knew it was something I needed to do. I must say now after our incredible eight weeks together my mindset, thoughts and attitude about myself and life in general have literally shifted. I have learned so many amazing and incredible tools on how to live in the moment, trust in myself and how to just let things go, this one is a BIG deal for me. I recommend this course to EVERYONE, I tell all my friends about it and have a few that have taken her Masterclass and are now ready to start their own journey. I think that everyone needs this. By far this was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Thank you, Tiffany, for being such an amazing coach you have taught me so much and I am eternally grateful!!
— Maddie Arzeno, PSI Security & Investigations
I had heard about meditation and mindfulness before, of course, but I always thought it was a bit too granola for me and that I just did not have the patience or desire to do it or learn anything more about it. Until I heard Tiffany speak at an event. Everything she was saying and talking about was something I could relate to. The endless voices in my head talking about my past or the potential dangers in the future were taking up all of my time. I was not living in the present and I was missing my life. I decided to sign up for Tiffany’s class and it was completely eye-opening. It gave me a whole new perspective on life and how I should be living. More present, more aware of my intentions - less judgmental, less anxiety and fear - happier and more fulfilled. Tiffany shared with us so many new tools and ways to make these changes in our lives. Working with TIffany and the group was an amazing experience that surely would be beneficial for everyone. I highly recommend this course - I can’t wait for round two!”
— Emily Carroll, Creative Director
My experience with Tiffany’s CIJ course was phenomenal. Tiffany helps her students develop practical tools to apply to our day-to-day lives. The techniques we learned in the class can be applied to every situation or challenge we face in life. After taking the class, I feel significantly more comfortable and at peace with myself both personally and professionally. I couldn’t recommend the course more highly. It was a dynamic and unforgettable experience.
— Andrew Fishman, Attorney
This course has been life changing. Every week I looked forward to Tuesday night and spending 2 hours with my CIJ community. The tools that I learned in this course have helped me drop expectations and to be more present. Before this course I had a horrible inner critique and through Tiffany’s coaching that voice has silenced. I recommend this course to everyone not only those who are feeling stuck but to anyone wanting to live a more meaningful life
— Aly Papkin, Holistic Nutritionist
The best thing I did for myself ever! My long story short; I met a man, we had a child, all my energy was in this man who I loved, he died 6 years later. I’m left with a son and I lost who I was and who I wanted to be. Someone asked me what I like to do and I couldn’t answer that question because I no longer knew, I knew I had to stop hitting the snooze button in my life. Just as the universe does, a friend told me to go with her to a free seminar. Normally my response would be, I’m too busy. This time something told me to sign up and I went! I chose to do the 8- week program, without thinking, because I knew if I did, I’d talk myself out of this incredible experience for myself.

Every week was more amazing than the last with Tiffany Nicole as my coach. I learned so much about myself through this course., my peers, and Tiffany. I learned how to be in the moment, how to make things happen, how to work with the universe, how to listen to my intuition and so much more that I just cannot fit on the page. Tiffany is such a great coach. She was there every step of the way and still is! Every moment was worth it because I’m worth it! I’m on my way to getting everything I want! I’m so glad I said yes to myself! Don’t think about it, just do it! Thank yourself later”.
— Kathleen Stefanie Truglio 1st grade teacher
I must say this course is amazing! One of my top 3 things of my 2017! Tiffany really sets the foundation for creating amazing experiences all through a great adaptable method of coaching! I highly recommended this course for entrepreneurs, like myself, that are interested in adopting a much more confident attitude and shifting your mindset for a more successful and better life! Become more aware by making shift happen!
— Ruben Sanchez, Asset Manager
I just completed the online version of the Creative Insight Journey with Tiffany and I have to say this program is remarkable. This course really helped me to tap into the creativity I needed to grow my business. I keep referring to my mindfulness tools to check in with myself so I make sure I’m living in the present moment.

It gave me a daily spiritual practice and brought me back to listening to my intuition. I’m more confident and certain in my romantic relationships and I no longer settle for just being comfortable. I learned how to release my inner judgement and I’m working on designing a freedom based lifestyle and business getting closer to my purpose each day.
— Paty Hernandez- Holistic Stress Release Counselor
Tiffany’s Creative Insight Journey class is exactly what I had been searching for. I wanted clarity on what was stopping me from achieving complete happiness with my life. She helped me realize what I had to do to obtain and sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle. TAKE THE COURSE, even if you are debating it. The Creative Insight Journey WILL change your life and open your eyes to the mistakes that are stopping you from reaching your full potential. Tiffany is honestly the best, she will guide you in the right direction.
— Lucia Alvarez. Student