Hey there! I’m Tiffany Nicole, a Certified Transformational Coach, CIJourney teacher, motivational speaker, corporate mindfulness instructor, beach-lovin’, Oprah-obsessed, spiritual hustler, born-and-bred New Yorker who currently resides in Miami, FL

It’s nice to meet you! I’m so stoked you decided to swing by! Please stay a while and take a look around. You’re sure to have a few “ahhh-haaa!” moments followed by a couple head scratchers and for sure a few laughs. I aim to please…

I’m dying to know all about you, but first a bit more about me: I want to show you what ya workin’ with. I’m equal parts hustle, heart, and humor.

My purpose in this life is to get you to yours. I want us to connect on a deep and honest level.

The first step to change is awareness.

I bring a whole lot of clarity into people’s lives through my workshops, courses, coaching, thought-provoking exercises, and best of all, my soul-rooted desire to get you out of your own way!

I get it. The struggle can be all too real sometimes, but I want you to know you are NOT alone. Your situation maybe unique, sure, but the feeling of overwhelm, worry, fear, anxiety and just plain STUCK are all too common.

Many years ago I was stuck, feeling trapped in my head by my racing thoughts. Sound familiar? I was never really present in my life and the one I was creating in my mind was turning out to be a nightmare. I had many limiting beliefs and one of them was actually blocking me from uncovering my true purpose, which is being an authentic kick-ass coach for you!

The most powerful lesson I have ever learned in my life, and the most important thing I believe I could ever teach you, is how to live in the present moment. I mean think about it, if you’re not living in the moment, you’re going to miss the only life you get to live and that’s tragic! Let’s get you out of that head and into your life.

Our mindset truly determines our lives and the actions we take. The best part is you have the power to change it! I want to teach you the same tools that transformed my life, so you can transform yours.  

Part of my purpose in this life is to connect to others on a deep, meaningful level. I want to know you, your fears, hopes, dreams and desires. My intention is to create a safe and honest space for us to communicate, gain clarity, become aware of habits that no longer serve you, exit anyone or anything that no longer grows you, teach you how to shut down the inner shit talker, overcome liming beliefs that are blocking your personal growth and potential, tap into your intuition so you trust yourself and your decisions, and so much more.

You deserve the very best out of this life. Our time to shine and be consumed by joy, curiosity, adventure, and happiness is NOW. Now is all we have, what are you waiting for?  Don’t waste another moment living in your head, allowing worry and self-sabotage to take over your ability to be present, clear, and at peace. I feel you, because I was you. Let’s do this!