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  • Gables Optimal Health 195 Giralda Avenue Coral Gables, FL, 33134 United States (map)

What would it feel like to drop the hustle and the belief that the “struggle is real”?

Have you ever felt frustrated because you have desired something so strongly and yet it still has not become a reality for you? Do you notice that every time you try the same roadblocks and limiting beliefs keep showing up getting in the way of you achieving:

  • The Money you desire

  • The Worthiness you crave

  • The purpose you want to uncover

  • The happiness you seek

No matter how badly you want to get to the next level and experience a different result it’s just more of the same leaving you feeling stuck.

Here’s the GREAT NEWS!!! You can change your mindset, beliefs, and energy to match the change, growth, and success you dream of living. 

The beliefs you live by are a direct reflection of your reality and they are the reason for every action, fear, habit, and outcome you have. 

If you are ready to learn proven, practical strategies to DROP the hustle, struggle, and self-sabotage this Masterclass is for you!!! 

Please join Certified Mindset Coach Tiffany Nicole & Stress Transformational Coach and Energy Therapist Paty Hernandez for this powerful 2 hr. Masterclass teaching you How to shift your Thoughts, Energy & Limiting Beliefs

Paty Hernadez will kick off the Masterclass teaching you:

  • How Energy can be used and felt to manifest what you want. 

  • Techniques of how to become more aware of the energy within your body

  • How to maintain faith by observing subtle signs as the universe brings you the tools that'll support you on your journey. 

  • What resistance feels like and how you can use it to your benefit.

 Tiffany Nicole’s (5) Step Manifesting Process will include lessons on how to:

  • Define your desires with clarity & take action

  • Uncover your limiting beliefs stopping your success

  • How to quickly shift from a limiting belief to an empowering one

  • Understand how our thoughts truly create our reality

  • What the Law of Attraction is & how to use it 

  • Manifest your dreams & become an energetic match for what you desire

  • Converse with the universe to attract your desires instead of your doubts