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      10 Proven Mindfulness Tools to Overcome Anxiety & Stop Overthinking

Please join me Certified Mindset Coach and Creative Insight Journey Teacher Tiffany Nicole as I share practical & proven techniques from my 8-week Famed Stanford University Master’s Degree course, The Creative Insight Journey that will take you from Mindless to Mindfulness.

This FREE ONLINE Masterclass is perfect for you if you suffer from obsesssive thinking and give your energy and focus to things that have happend in the past and or have worrisome anxious thoughts about imagined scenarios in your future. 

Mindfulness is living in the present moment judgeent free, and most of us spend our entire lives missing the moment because we are lost in our wondering thoughts. I want to teach you how to BE HERE NOW. By connecting to presence you find pupose, clarity, and happiness! 

        Meet me online Thursday May 3rd 7pm EST if you desire to learn how to: 

  • Gain clarity about where you are living your life, the past, present or future?

  • Implement a brand new daily mindfulness practice in your life, to keep you connected, productive, present and peaceful 

  • Stop multitasking: To be truly present you must focus on single minded tasks.

  • New mindfulness exercises designed to connect you to the present moment 

  • 5 Sense Check in Meditation: Eliminates anxiety & panic attacks 

  • Get clear & present on how every person, place and thing is energetically affecting your life 

  • Mindful listening techniques to improve your communication skills 

  • Eliminate worrisome thoughts 

Let’s get you out of that head and into your life, you only get one!

                      Once you RSVP A link to access the webinar will be sent to you!