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FREE MANIFESTING MASTERCLASS: Learn New Tools to Think Believe Receive

  • Casa Vinyasa 5901 SW 74th ST #414 MIAMI FL 33143 (map)

“The struggle is REAL.” Is this your ‘life mantra’?

Do you believe hustling is the way to get what you want? 

Are you frustrated from the lack of results in your life? 

You want something so badly but it’s just not coming through for you.

Your finances don’t support the lifestyle you dream of living

You keep manifesting situations that make you question your worth.

You‘re TRYING to connect to your purpose but you’re not 100% CERTAIN you’re on the right path.

Things feel forced, uncertain and all you want is flow and ease. 

This mental tug of war between desiring something while doubting you are worthy of it is exhausting. Sometimes you get down on yourself and entertain the resident Sh*T talker living inside your head

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? That I could show you a workaround? … a MAJOR MENTAL SHIFT that helps you transition all that struggling, hustling, striving, and doubting into channeling your beliefs and energy to your desired outcome, ALWAYS! 

Well, guess what… I can 

You see, it’s all to do with your ENERGY. This energy comes from your mindset and beliefs. These set the foundation for what creates your reality

And I’m going to show you how to build that foundation with new thoughts, beliefs, energetic alignment, and intuitive action. 

Hi I’m Tiffany Nicole. I’m what’s officially called a Certified Mindset Coach. That means I teach you how to live present, stop overthinking, and shift your harmful limiting beliefs into empowering ones. These proven strategies will reprogram your mind to support your success.


The beliefs you live by CREATE your reality. They are the reason for every action you take. Every outcome you get.

So, if things aren’t going so well, you’ve got some faulty programming in your belief system. Don’t worry – that’s totally normal. In fact, that’s the reason why most of us struggle to succeed and believe in ourselves.

Now, let’s get real: 2018 is very nearly over. And 2019 is a blink away.

Where do you see yourself by the end of 2019? Are you going to ask for something new? Promise, pray, swear to yourself this year I will do _________________. 

What does a date on a calendar change? NOTHING!

Desire isn’t enough or we would all have what we wanted. 

Answer this: Who do I need to be to get what I say I want? What do I need to believe, think, feel, to energetically align and attract this desire into my life?

This is where I come in. 

Join me in this FREE Manifesting Masterclass and learn proven, practical strategies to kickstart those new beliefs so you can start taking some serious action! 

You will learn how to:

Zero in on EXACTLY what you want out of life
Find out what beliefs you have lurking around in your subconscious mind sabotaging your success
How to quickly shift from a limiting belief to an empowering one
See clearly how thoughts create reality
What the Law of Attraction is and how to successfully use it
Manifest your dreams & become an energetic match for what you desire
Proven Practical (5) Step Manifesting Process to Making your dreams a reality
Converse with the universe to attract your desires instead of your doubts

By the way, you’ll get a workbook so you can come back to these powerful tools long after we’re done working. Trust me, you’ll want to come back to them again and again. These are the tools me & my clients use to manifest our dreams into our reality.

Let’s do this together!