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VISION BOARD PARTY- Manifest your Vision in 2019

  • Reach Brickell City Centre 68 Southwest 6th St Miami Fl 33131 (map)

Get ready to put the champagne on ice because we’re about to have the best year yet in 2019. If you are looking for a Vision Board event where you sit around, cut pretty pictures out post them on a board, and hope it comes true this is not the event for you. We don’t wish, we manifest!!

 Join Mia Boss Babes and Certified Mindset Coach Tiffany Nicole for an empowering day of learning how to believe in yourself, and align your thoughts, actions, and energy with what you truly desire to have in your life.

From intention setting and goal getting, to a manifestation masterclass and Vision Board extravaganza, let’s make 2019 the year we do it differently! No more resolutions that factually fail 98% of the time, or goals that we don’t accomplish because the self-doubt creeped in and stole our motivation. 

Join us this year and leave this event with tangible and empowering tools to:

 ●    Create and act as your higher self

●    Identify, and shift the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind into empowering ones

●    Embody the energy of your desires to attract them into your reality using Law of Attraction

●    How to intentionally manifest + co create your dreams with the Universe

●    How to gain clarity, direction, and more self-awareness through journaling

●    Take aligned intuitive inspired action towards accomplishing your goals without the struggle or hustle

●    Feed your subconscious mind new brain food so you stop the internal tug of war between desire & doubt


You are worthy & deserving of it all!! We are not settling, playing small, or placing “realistic” safe dreams on those boards. It’s time to claim the life you are meant for, the one that’s equally scary & exciting, the one you hold close to your heart, but don’t really think is possible.

THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR YOU GO FOR THE BIG VISION, and we’re going to teach you how! 


 ●    Learn new tools to think, believe, and receive

●    Have more clarity, alignment and direction in life

●    Drop your “struggle is real” life motto, and equip your mind with thoughts that support your desires and not your excuses

●    Learn how to use visualization & images to activate your mind into believing you already have your desires

            This is the VISION BOARD EVENT FOR YOU!

Along with the creation of your Vision & let go boards you will also receive:

●    2hr Manifesting/ Belief activating Masterclass

●    A powerful & stimulating guided meditation to help you let go of what no longer serves you

●    Manifest your dreams & become an energetic match for what you desire

●    Proven Practical (5) Step Manifesting Process to Making your dreams a reality●    Easy to follow morning & nightly rituals to speed up your manifestation process

●      Intention Setting through a GUIDED VISUALIZATION & step-by-step, fool-proof process that allows you to immediately take action

●      Clarity about where you are – IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE – and why 

●      Tools and exercises in a completed workbook that you will take home to keep you on track throughout the year

●      Future Self Meditation 

EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED!! Poster board, magazines, scissors, glue, pens, markers, glitter, Champagne, appetizers, 2 hr. Masterclass + take home workbook & vision board 



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Sponsored by Live Ultimate & Korbel Champagne