Are you struggling to get what you want in a certain area of your life?


Have you been fantasizing, wishing, and praying…

To find someone to share your life with?

To make more money? 

Have a job that lights you up?

Or be able to have your passion projects gain great success?


Whatever you’re desiring… 

It’s going to take BELIEF for it to become a reality!


I Mean, Right Now… You’re Probably…


Lacking belief in yourself, thinking that the people who *already* have what you desire, are somehow ‘different’ or ‘better’ than you...


Allowing fear and self-doubt to creep in and sabotage you from taking the next steps that you know deep down you need to take...


Making excuses for why you don’t have what you want… You often hear yourself saying “I can’t afford it’, ‘I don’t have time’ or , I don’t know how…”

I get it because I’ve been there – and the good news for you?


I’ve cracked this code and I’m ready to share my Solutions with you.

My purpose in this life is to show you what’s possible when you redesign your mind, shift your limited thinking, and believe in what you want

I’ve been EXACTLY where you are right now.

9 Years ago...

I moved to Miami after living in NYC all my life. I came here without friends, a job, or much money. My Boyfriend had just passed away, my business tanked, my apt flooded and I felt completely disconnected from myself and my purpose.
I was heartbroken, and had lost my identity after losing my business. I had no idea what the hell I was doing, but one thing was very clear life didn’t feel very good and I needed a change!
What should have been a clean slate following my move to a new city turned into more of the same. I changed location but my mindset remained the same.
I had so many conflicting thoughts going on in my mind. On one hand I knew that the job I had was no longer for me and I had no business pursuing anything that didn’t light me up and on the other hand it’s who I identified with, it’s what I relied on to feel worthy, and I had made up a story that I was too old to start over, that what I really wanted wasn’t realistic, and that it would take way to long and I should suck this up cause I had bills to pay.
So I desperately clung to what was comfortable & familiar by pursuing jobs, and friendships that mirrored my exact life back in NYC.

Hoping each time one of them would make me feel happy, purposeful, complete, and worthy.
But nothing worked, I felt more stuck than ever before. I knew there was a missing piece something I wasn’t seeing, and I became determined to find it.


A new friend I had made in Miami suggested I check out a workshop on getting Unstuck, it sounded like exactly what I needed I practically ran to it.

60 Mins in and an embarrassing public share on the state of my life and I was hooked. My intuition was screaming take this program, learn these freaking tools, GET UNSTUCK!


It was the BEST INVESTMENT I EVER MADE. In 8 weeks my entire life
had changed. I had committed to learning what thoughts were creating so much suffering in my life. I learned how to STOP the limiting beliefs from taking over and I no longer paid attention to the stories that fed me lies about what I was and wasn’t capable or worthy of. I no longer fed into the victim story of how things just weren’t meant to work out for me 
The moment I decided I was worthy of it all was the moment the entire
universe opened up for me. The minute I stopped with the negative
narrative nothing was in my way! I was asked to sub one of the classes and although I hesitated by the end I knew I had found what I was supposed to do and it was to teach as many people as possible what I had just learned so they never had to doubt who they were again.


I got certified that same year

I have a thriving coaching business. I have coached tens of thousands of beautiful souls all over the world teaching them how to completely reprogram their mind to match the life they have dreamed of. I met my soul Family, I fell in love, I manifested my dream apartment, car, trips, and so many wonderful opportunities..

The magic was in my commitment to tuning into myself, to learning what was necessary to become who I always knew I was deep down inside. As I primed my mind for success I was able to remove the harmful beliefs. I stopped with the excuses, pity party, and looking outside of myself for validation and got real with what I wanted, and how to be mindfully, and spiritually intentional with my thoughts, beliefs, energy, and actions to get it.



8 Live Classes + on the spot coaching. All live classes are recorded & sent via email, accompanied by class slides.
Lifetime access to the class recordings & trainings
Downloadable Workbook including all 8 Soulwork assignments to be applied between each Live Class
Lifetime access to our Private Facebook Group for community support & accountability
New Daily & Nightly Manifesting Rituals to speed up the process and reprogram your subconscious mind to support your success instead
of yourself sabotage while you sleep!
New empowering beliefs to replace your limited thinking
PLUS! Exclusive Access to the Daily Journaling Prompts I personally use every day to manifest my desires.

Redesign your mind for endless possibility

How to get to the root cause of what’s really holding you back from wealth, health and relationships.

The Powerful ‘Rescripting Process’ That allows you to flip script on
negative beliefs so that you can become a magnet for your desires.

How to embrace FEAR and use it to your advantage to get what you want.

How to overcome the 6 most common limiting beliefs

My Powerful Quantum Process that collapses time and steps you into the higher version of yourself.

Activating The Law of Attraction

Learn how to become an energetic match for EVERYTHING that you desire

How to change your mood and energetic state in the moment to match the frequency of things you want to attract.

How use the Power of Gratitude to raise your vibration and expand on what you already have.

Daily Rituals To Manifest Your Desires

Learn My 5 Step Manifestation Process that allows you to manifest your desires into your reality

My morning and nightly rituals to speed up the manifestation process & rewire your subconscious mind for success

How to remove harmful language from your vocabulary that’s blocking you from manifesting your desires.

How To Believe it When you don’t See it

Discover my 5 Sensory Visualization process that activates your desires in the present moment!

My powerful 3 step process to align with what it feels like to have already manifested your desires NOW!

My Troubleshooting Formula for discovering why you didn’t manifest what you wanted and how to get back on track.

What to do when doubt becomes a part of your visualization

How to cultivate unshakable belief that the universe is working in your favor

Removing Obstacles getting in the way of what You Want

What to do when it seems like your manifestation it’s going according to plan &  things aren’t working out in your favor. Example: Losing friends or a romantic partnership, getting fired, or having to move.

How to let go and release what’s no longer serving you, so that what you are asking for can arrive in its place.

How to align with your desires before they have already manifested.

How to build an abundant money mindset

Get to the root of your money story and shift it into a story of abundance.

How to rewire your mind to live in an abundant state vs lack & scarcity.

Uncover your limiting beliefs about money so you can increase your earning potential

How to align yourself to the frequency of money, wealth, and self-worth











3 part payment plans available
Only $198.50 TO ENROLL TODAY!!



  • More Money
  • Business Success
  • Friendships
  • Romantic love & Spiritual Partnerships
  • Weight Loss
  • New Dream Homes
  • New Cars
  • Luxury Travel
  • Dream Jobs
  • Re locating to new Cities & Countries
  • Movie roles
  • New Cars
  • Writing books & becoming successful authors
  • & SO Much more…

"If you're feeling stuck or like your life has so much more potential than the life you're living right now, don't do another thing before you call Tiffany and enroll in Believe. It was hands down one of the best things I've ever done in my life. And, most importantly the absolute best thing I've ever invested in- MYSELF and my TRUE POTENTIAL. Tiffany has taught me how to discover limiting beliefs that I didn't even realize that I had, which were stopping me from moving forward and "living my best life" . I've started a new diet, started a workout regime that I was dreading starting for over 6 months, after being in a huge rut and I’m finally losing weight!!! Not only did she help me grow personally and professionally, but her class also gave me a huge new group of friends who have the same supportive mindset and empower me to live happier, healthier, and to my truest potential. If you finished reading this review, I hope you don't even consider it twice. Sign up. You are sooo so so worth it!!!!!"

Kate Parent
Co-Founder Luna Wolf Digital

"Working with Tiffany through her course was such an enriching experience for me. I was able to manifest a lot of abundance for myself in such a short amount of time, including my dream job with the highest paying salary I have ever had. But beyond that, I was given the opportunity to work with new tools that strengthened my sense of self-worth, reminded me of the importance of gratitude, and get clarity on what I really wanted. It was definitely a great way to start 2019 :)"

Tina Dominguez
Digital Content Specialist

"The Believe Program opened my eyes to all the possibilities that I can create in my life. I'm incredibly thankful for Tiffany and the program. It has really helped me get everything I want in my life including purchasing my first home, dating again, and relocating to a new city for my dream job. I'm excited to see what I manifest next!"

Monica Sanchez

"What an amazing course. I realize that I took it because I wanted a little more direction and focus in my life. I always felt comfortable and didn’t really think I wanted anything. I realize I actually settled in many cases and deep down felt like I didn’t deserve better.  I’ve changed my way of thinking little by little and now feel a lot more focused and deserving thanks to Tiffany Nicole. It has seriously made me uncomfortable at times but I realize that I don’t need to give a shit about what others think and just go for it. I’m manifesting and it’s beautiful! I’m about to leave for a trip to China that I manifested during class. Thank you for these last 8 weeks in Believe and countless more amazing ones to come!"

Heidi Soto
Associate Store Manager / Athleta

"After 2018 being the most difficult year of my life, I knew I needed some help to find positivity and to change my life and signed up for Believe. During Tiffany’s class I learned to completely turn around my way of thinking, bad habits, bad thoughts and to take control of the things happening in my life while she gave me the tools to practice that in my everyday life. She has a positive attitude and takes the time with every one of us to make sure we achieve our best. I recently manifested moving into my dream home. Thank you Tiffany!!"


"Since I have begun this program I’ve been able to release so many limitations through awareness. I’ve been saying yes to projects and activities that fulfill me. My confidence is expanding with ease day by day! I not only believe in my future; I can see more clearly how I want to feel and that’s the only how that matters. I’m on a path that’s constantly changing and I’m grateful for it as I know it’s my choice! I’m making more money, my client roster has increased, and I’m traveling to places I never dreamed I would get to see. Thanks Tiffany for lighting up this path and to all participants for accompanying me on the journey."

Patty Mariposa
Reiki Healer

"I have taken both courses Tiffany teaches and absolutely love them and her! The Believe course really goes deep and I discovered patterns that had been crippling me since as early as I could remember. Her magic tools along with her energy and motivation is enough to light the flame and keep it burning. I was able to manifest a trip to Switzerland for the holidays! It was Worth all the hard work and great A-HA moments for me. This experience was priceless. Thanks Tiffany!! You did an outstanding job with this believe course. You really were made for this!"

Patricia Torre
Massage Therapist

"Before signing up for Believe, I was lost and terrified. I knew what I wanted but I couldn’t see the way. I only saw blocks. Through the exercises, talking to some of the other students and with Tiffany, I was able to get clear on how to achieve what I was seeking. I had a new goal and that’s what was missing for me. I felt like an archer without a target and now I have a target. It’s been really great being able to go to Tiffany in between lessons and be like “hey I had this realization and I’m lost on the next step. Do you have an idea?” I feel like when we take the step to reach out, the doors open for a clear vision. She always answered me and pointed me in the right direction and that’s truly all I ever wanted so thank you!!"

Andrea Linzmeyer

"I took Believe because I needed to get unstuck! I took Tiffany’s CIJ course and its incredible. Believe really helped me anchor the Manifesting process. Knowing that I’m responsible for everything I want to manifest. I could go on & on about this program, but my biggest takeaway is to trust the process, that was my biggest struggle. So grateful for the Universe for putting Tiffany & Believe in my reach. My life has changed so much & I’m manifesting all of my desires. My advice, dive right in!! Don’t wait, don’t think about it, JUST DO IT! The Universe is waiting"

Kathleen Trugilo

"I manifested a NEW FREE CAR and even got my insurance paid for a year. It's the beginning of the best year yet!  And I’m so excited that I took this Believe Course!!! Just finished a meeting with my lawyer and he's on fire about the sudden growth in my business. Will keep you posted on my manifestations... Thank you so much love"

Marta Isabel Verdeja

"Thank you so much for this program, Tiffany! I was stuck in a dead-end job when I first started it. Friday, I found out that I will receive the formal job offer for my dream job today. It includes a significant increase in pay. Additionally, I was also single when I began the program. Now, I am in a relationship with an amazing man! I wrote out a list of the qualities I wanted in a man and he appeared out of nowhere. I am so happy and so thankful for the Believe program! It has changed my life. Thank you! I believe!"

Jessica Montes

Let's make something clear...


This isn’t your average ‘woo-woo’ manifestation program…


Telling you to do another crystal ritual while writing under the Full Moon.

This is a ‘no fluff’ life-changing program mixed with neuro-science, subconscious reprograming for success, quantum psychics, and so much more that’s proven to work.


An 8 Week Transformational Course for driven women who are
so DONE with ‘Meh’ results and half-assed action steps


Like that ½ read self-help book collecting dust on your shelf
Looking in the mirror repeating generic affirmations you don’t even BELIEVE


Desperately binging on ‘motivational’ podcasts… Looking for that fuzzy feel-good ‘hit’ that masks the fact you haven’t actually done the work to create lasting change.


Are you ready to start Intentionally Manifesting the life of your dreams?


  • You want to live life on your from societal pressures & allowing other people’s judgments to influence your life choices
  • You’re ready to put the pin in the illusion of fear… and not use it as an excuse to hold you back from pursuing your best life
  • You crave a deeper connection with yourself... One that leads you to self-love so you can call bullshit on yourself doubt
  • You’re ready to finally SILENCE the resident Shit Talker inside your mind… telling you things like you’re not ‘worthy enough’ or ‘capable’...

The course is taught live online using zoom. Every week you will get emailed a link to access the live classroom. Once you log on you will see me, the other students in our class + our course slides for that lesson. It’s very interactive and you will be participating, coached on the spot and able to ask questions.

The live classes are held Tuesday Evenings 7:00pm-9:00pm EST for 8
weeks. You can join us live online or do this as a self-study program when
the recorded class is emailed out on Wednesdays. You can participate and connect with all of us in the private Facebook Group where I answer all your questions + help with weekly assignments.

You will have lifetime access to the recordings.

Nope. All these trainings are proven practical strategies that are a mix of mindfulness techniques, subconscious reprograming, quantum psychics, and neuroscience. We believe if you apply them with consistency you will
have massive shifts and results.

No worries! The classes are recorded and you have lifetime access to all of the modules & our private Facebook Group. You can join the current round, but officially start the program months from now if that's what you decide!




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