Hi I'm Tiffany Nicole

This is my story, and I hope it inspires you to never give up on your dreams.

As children, we are innocent, naturally curious, wonderfully naïve — and fearless. We naturally do what feels good and joyful, and do things just for the fun of it. Do you remember what that felt like? Just simply being, and not doing stuff for any particular gain other than you were happy. By the age of five, I already understood what it meant to be in love. That love, for me, was one of my God-given gifts — music, and I actively pursued it with a passion.

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Singing, to me, was the most wonderful thing in the world, from morning 'til night I always had a song to sing.

Eventually, I was fortunate enough to sing professionally right up to the ripe old age of 27! Pursuing such a career was effortless and natural to me; much like breathing — really it was.

I always felt at home with a microphone and performing to others. It was somehow familiar, nurturing, and always there for me. I could always rely on my voice and getting lost in the love of it.

Music fed my soul and lifted my spirit. I would learn much later in life that, how I lived for those 22 formative years — following my passion without question or concern — was uncommon. Still, it was the only way I knew how (and wanted) to live.

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Then, sadly, there came a point in my life, which was to devastate me — my singing career ended!

Buckets full of tears were shed, and I had to mend a very broken heart as I had lost my first love. I was mournful and at a loss for what seemed like forever as I moped about feeling sorry for myself. It may not seem a big deal to many, but you have to understand; music and singing were all I had known. It had consumed my every waking moment.

I lived it, drank it, breathed it since I was five years old. I was my very identity.

What was I to do now? I looked ahead as I wept, and asked the universe, "What's install for me next?"


After my successful 22-year-long run in the music industry, and a great deal of thinking, I wondered how I could use my experience in the entertainment world to my advantage?  I finally decided to launch a VIP event-planning business. I found it came naturally to me, and I was back in the saddle of the entertainment industry; once again, loving every minute.  I threw parties for celebrities, major recording artists, athletes, models, and... you get the idea. It was years of red carpets, long nights, no sleep, stress, bad habits, and self-important BS. I let my job define me. It became who I was, and my puffed-up title meant EVERYTHING to me.  But it was all an illusion. I was living in a false reality.

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I was an EGOmaniac, and the worst part was that I was NOT LIVING IN THE MOMENT. I never even realized how successful I really was, because, after all the celebrations and wonderful memories I had created for others, I never once celebrated MYSELF! Instead, I just wanted MORE of the same. Lost in the rat race, I was on that hamster wheel, and I couldn't jump off. However, little did I know at the time; the universe had heard my pleas for help and direction, and was working behind-the-scenes on my exit strategy!

Though I was a high-flyer in the industry, I was physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. Things were starting to go downhill again. The economy began to crumble and slowly, so did my business as the recession hit us hard. Unbelievably, during this time, my boyfriend & childhood friend — the man I loved deeply, passed away!! I couldn't believe it. Here I was again in the depths of despair, having lost my love and my career at the same time! I needed to mourn the loss of him and what seemed like myself too. Deeply depressed, I desperately needed to get away, so I took a pause from life, moved out of NYC, and moved in with a family friend.


With the help and support of a few close people, I eventually emerged from my deep depression and mourning, and I began to think more clearly. I was able to check in with myself and reassess my life. Fortunately, by now, I was mindful enough to see and hear the signs that the universe was throwing my way. I had long since learned; if you're not paying attention, you will miss them!

I'd never been the sort to stay down for long, and the winds of change were gently blowing. So I formed a new action plan which eventually led me to move to my beloved Miami. I'd initially planned to go for a much-needed vacation. Still, the minute I landed and that tropical breeze hit my face, for some reason, I felt I was home. I had always dreamed of living by the ocean, so, after returning to my friend's place, and just a few weeks later, I packed up my Jeep and drove back to Miami — just like that! This time I had trusted my intuition to guide me to a city where I felt calm and safe; I could breathe again both spiritually and emotionally. I knew it was the right move to make, and I've lived happily in Miami for nine years now.


I may have changed cities, but my mindset about life and work remained the same. I soon found myself back in a similar work situation by taking a job as an event planner in the hospitality industry. I fell right back into the grind; jumping from one event-planning job to another — never feeling satisfied. I knew instinctively in my heart; the sector was not for me, but I masked my fear by calling it "practicality." I didn't yet BELIEVE that what I truly desired in life, was possible.

My body, mind, heart, spirit and bank account were all screaming the same thing, "Get OUT!" But how do you leave a fifteen-year career you created and know so well, one that's so familiar? How do you abandon the only thing you BELIEVE you know how to do? It was the second time a chosen career had hit the rails, and I was beginning to feel I was back to square one!

However, after taking a suggestion from a friend, I attended a personal development workshop about getting unstuck in life. So, off I went with an open mind to one of the sessions. Within 10 minutes, I was called on to assess the state of each area of my life publicly. It was a devastating, shocking hot mess express. The revelation was; I had allowed all the truly important areas of my life fall by the wayside because everything was based on my career (AKA MY EGO). I had given my entire self-worth over to what I DID, rather than who I was as a woman in my own right. This 'light-bulb' moment, this epiphany, WOKE ME UP!  NO MORE, NO WAY! My life was not fine; it was not even OK! When did less than OK become my new normal?


During this powerful workshop, there was an offer to take a transformational life course called the Creative Insight Journey. I signed up immediately, and can honestly say, hand on heart, it's the best decision I've ever made for myself! Even with all my challenges, I was always looking to be inspired by others. I was an obsessive Oprah watcher; I read, Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav when I was 19 (blew my mind), I read Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and Elizabeth Gilbert, the reading list is endless. I've always been a spiritual being and knew a greater force was with me; I just needed to get back on track.

Each week revealed a profoundly relatable yet powerful life changing-tool. It was presented in a way I had never heard of or entirely applied to myself before. Those of us in the group, shared, bonded, and called each other weekly for support and to share our incredible progress. We were held accountable to ourselves, our intentions, goals, and so much more. Every week, I peeled back a new layer of self, and a little piece of my true self peeked through! No work, no title, no sadness, no judgment, no expectations, just me. During our daily meditations and journaling, I became so mindful, present, and grateful in my life. All the self-sabotaging thoughts and obsessive thinking I'd had was gone. My mind became quietened. Ahhh, the bliss; what a gift! I had so many profound moments of clarity and joy that I began to connect with myself again. It led me to develop an even deeper, more meaningful connection to the people in my life and my class; for which I will be eternally grateful.


During the sessions of the course, where we were asked to share our progress, thoughts, and epiphanies, many of my wonderful classmates expressed that my personal revelations and insights had resonated with them. Subsequently, our teacher/mentor began hinting to me about taking a career as a coach. What? Me? Then, one evening, I was even called on to substitute as the tutor! WOW, I was both humbled and blown away. Teaching the class was my first step to a new and bright future. At that moment, I knew that all I wanted to do was to share this amazing gift of knowledge with every single person I came into contact with. I had experienced such a change within me and had seen my classmates change, too, that I felt somehow compelled to teach others who wanted change in their lives. My passion was back, but a hundred times greater! I knew with100% certainty — this was what I was destined to do with my life. Everything that had gone before had led me to this moment in time.


Through the Creative Insight Journey course, I qualified as a Certified Mindset Coach. Thirsty for more, I also became a certified Theta Healer and Motivational Speaker. I found the BEST ME and I have never looked back. It's been the most honest, fulfilling time of my life. I'm madly in love with this work and teaching it. I feel so very honored each time people attend my workshops, place trust in the tools I reveal, improve themselves, and make a choice to work with me.

Now, looking back, I realize that the gift which I had as a child came naturally to me. It was so much more than just a beautiful voice, and that the experience of great personal loss led me to the exact place I find myself in today. My past had given me profound insight into, and experience in, passion, dedication, accountability, rejection, determination, fearlessness, courage, blind faith, manifestation, intuition, personal connection, and learning how to make peace after letting go of my first love — music.

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Transform & Connect

To see the light switch on in all of you as you transform and connect to your worthiness is the best feeling in the world. My desire is for you to align with your higher self and step fully into your truth with honor, power, and God-given gifts as you impact the world with your beautiful insight. We only get one very short, quick shot at life. Live it to the fullest! Do and be what you love. Celebrate. Find your passion and dive into life's awesomeness every day, because you too are awesome. Take time for you. Love with your entire heart. Be courageous and stay open!

With all my heart and soul,


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