Have you recently been thinking to yourself “If only I could check in once a month with Tiffany to stay on track.” Or, “If only I could..”


● Check myself before I wreck myself.

● Keep my thoughts aligned with my desires.

● Not fall back into my old way of thinking or comfortable habits.

● Still have access to me as your personal coach.


Well, this may come to you as no surprise, but you’re the one who Manifested the news that I’m about to share with you.



A Monthly Group Coaching Program for all of the Believe Alumni.


More consistency, clarity, motivation, & support while in the pursuit of your dreams?

Staying in that “High-Vibe” state you experienced throughout the program?

A safe space to openly share limiting beliefs with non-judgmental feedback & forward thinking actionable steps?

Continued success, breakthroughs, and desired manifestations to keep showing up for you in your life?


This is a great way for you to stay connected, supported, high-vibe, check-in, and be aligned with your desires, energy, belief, and actions.

Be guided with coaching and confidence as you continue to level up into your higher-self, and intentionally manifest the life of your dreams.

Life happens. We get busy and sometimes lose sight of our intentions, which cause us to fall back into old habits that no longer serve us. With Believe Activated, we’ll have a solid space of love and support to help with growth and continued shift.

Our monthly check-in’s will allow you to reassess what’s going on around you, from what isn’t working to assurance on what is.


● You will leave the monthly calls with more clarity, confidence and certainty, while in pursuit of your dreams.

● You will have a mapped out plan of aligned and inspired action.

● You will set new intentions around your goals and be held accountable between our monthly calls.

● You will shift limiting beliefs that are surfacing and sabotaging your success in any area of your life.

● You will feel the support and connection, with a like-minded group of peers.

● There will be individual On the Spot coaching.

● Plus, a 2-hour, live Zoom call, once a month.


At the beginning of each month, you will receive an email with the date/time of our monthly call.

You can then decide if you’d like to be on the call or not.

You will be sent the link to access the live video call the morning of the meeting and a recording will be sent out the following day.

The best part… You can pay as you go. That’s right, pay month-to-month, with no contract. Fees will be collected ahead of attending each call. So, you only pay when you plan to reserve a spot for the call.




Access to the monthly belief activated program.

Next Call 3/25 7-9pm EST

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